Permanent makeup boutique

‘Eyebrow tattoo and permanent makeup will give you the confidence to look your best all the time.’

Colour Corrections

Some time you are not happy with the colour after a procedure? Often I can fix colour and shape mishaps. These corrections while possible sometimes can take time and may need multiple procedures. It is better to put the ink in the right place the first time of course!

With time ,colours change and may need correcting. Eyebrows can become orange ,pink, purple ,too ashy, and sometimes too blue ( if a blue based black has been used) all these changes can be corrected as I have the knowledge to do so.

Colour Boost, Refresh

Over time, colours fade, particularly light colours, and  this is the time to refresh your look.Also , due to the fading process, sun, chlorine, salt water, use of some cosmetic creams, use of tanning beds, working under fluo lights, some medications, not wearing a daily sun block, colours will change and need to be adjusted  for a more flattering result.