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‘Eyebrow tattoo and permanent makeup will give you the confidence to look your best all the time.’

Eyebrow Tattooing, 3 different ways!

Eyebrows tattooing is by far the most popular procedure for women and men who  enjoy the benefits for a variety of different reasons, usually to change the shape of their natural brows or give them the impression of more fullness,or both , and to also hide scars.

I AM AN EXPERT  at eyebrows tattooing as I HAVE BEEN DOING IT SINCE 1990! eyebrows are TAILORED  to suit your face

There are several options:

The solid eyebrow ( the original one) achieved by implanting a lot of colour like colouring in after creating a stencil.. It is by far the longest lasting method. I have been doing these brows since 1990!

The Shadowing Method ( similar to the previous one) is used to obtain a more powdery effect, this method is very good for very light haired blondes and clients with grey hair.I have been doing these brows since 1990!

FEATHER TOUCH brows , Hair Strokes , also called ” Embroidery eyebrows”, 3D Brows( the buzz word of the moment) I have been doing these brows since 2006  Micro stroking ,Microblading brows , Phibrows, Hyperrealism brows etc etc..

some people use a tattoo machine, some people use a hand tool , some use both, ( I do )  mimic the appearance of hairs in the brows, by far the most natural method for dark haired people. It is a great improvement compared with the dark brows looking like “Morticia’s eyebrows”! They can be tattooed following the hair growth,I call them “directional hair strokes” , improving the look tattooed by some tattooists that results in hair strokes looking like pedestrian crossings and candy stripes.I am a REAL EXPERT in this field,  I have been doing it for a very long time, since 2006, it is only recently that is has been re-named FEATHER TOUCH BROWS , MICROBLADING BROWS OR   EMBROIDERY EYEBROWS and sometimes 3D BROWS  ETC ..ETC…very confusing for the public!

To know more about what to do to before and after, click on the links :” Pre care “and “Post care” on the  right side of the page.

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