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‘Eyebrow tattoo and permanent makeup will give you the confidence to look your best all the time.’

Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be pretty traumatic, preventing men suffering from it to present themselves at their best, sometimes decreasing confidence and even self esteem, which can affect their work, their social and love life. Hair restoration replicates the hair follicles and with a short cropped hair style gives the illusion of having hair.

It simply leaves you looking like you have real hair, not only you believe that you have real hair , so does everyone else! Your hairline will be skilfully recreated complimenting your facial features , head shape, original hairline, possibility of future hair loss and of course your age.

It offers a fantastic result and can replace hair transplant altogether or complement it.
Very fine dots are tattooed on the scalp and mimic the look obtained with shaving of the hair.
Using the right needle, the right colour and taking into consideration clients undertones, the results are simply fantastic!

It can be completed over several days or in one day , depending how much much is involved.
The first consultation involves testing 2 or 3 different colours in an area covered with hair , so that your hair colour can be matched, taking into account your skin undertones and the way they alter the final results. Colour can be adjusted if necessary and if by any chance you decide not to go ahead with the treatment , the area tested will not be visible and will fade away with time.

You will be surprised how many people will say to you:” there is something different about you?  You kind of look younger! What is your secret?”

It is also used to hide scars created by surgeons when doing hair transplantation.
I use a method that I have developed myself over time and the result is nothing short of fantastic!
Since more and more men are loosing their hair or have lost their hair, it provides a great natural solution to a very problematic state of facts.

You may have had already some form of hair loss treatment and you are dissatisfied with the results. You may have had hair transplant surgery and the area still looks very sparse, you have been left with scarring and you would like to camouflage it, or you have been using a wig and you wish to stop for either hygiene reasons or the adhesives holding the system in place  are damaging your scalp.

A maintenance routine is required over the years to keep the results to their optimum. it certainly gives confidence back to a lot of males afflicted by partial or total baldness and it is a much better alternative to a lot of other solutions, like ugly transplants, use of powder etc..

The treatment is charged on an hourly basis and you will find it is far less costly than transplant surgery, and does not involve continual financial commitments like medication programs or hair piece maintenance.