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Founder: Michele Curran

  • Michele has been a permanent makeup artist since 1990. With nearly three decades of practice she is one of the most experienced eyebrow tattooists in Australia.
  • As one of the pioneers of the tattoo pointillism method in Sydney, using a single needle attached to a bamboo stick, Michele has evolved with permanent makeup artistry to today's increasingly popular eyebrow feathering technique.
  • In addition to Michele's wealth of experience, she travels all over the world attending training courses to learn new techniques and perfect her skills. Michele is an international student and practitioner of permanent makeup artistry.
  • While often called upon for permanent makeup "corrections", Michele maintains that perfect eyebrow artistry requires expertise in; brow shapes, facial balance, colours, various tattooing techniques, skin types, and anaesthetics.

Few of us know how to apply perfect makeup... but now you can have it every time with permanent makeup tattoo. Speak to Michele about the best method and colours to suit your skin tones and facial structure. Call today or fill out the contact form on this page.

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Location: 603/26-30 Spring St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022