Permanent makeup boutique

‘Eyebrow tattoo and permanent makeup will give you the confidence to look your best all the time.’

Pre Care : Are you considering a cosmetic tattooing procedure?

Let me give you some advice: First and foremost it is essential to be in good health, if by any chance you do not feel well, do not book a cosmetic tattooing procedure, you will find it would be uncomfortable and it would slow down the healing process.

When you go to your appointment make sure you have eaten sensibly and are well hydrated (not by alcohol though) talking about alcohol try to avoid it for 24 hours before the tattooing procedure, as it will make you bleed unnecessarily.

Bleeding dilutes the tattoo ink, makes the work of the tattooist stressful and will result in crusting which in turn could give a very patchy result! Please stop using the following vitamins one week prior to cosmetic tattooing as they thin out the blood and inhibit coagulation: Vitamin C, garlic Chamomile, glucosamine , fish oil, primrose oil, anti oxydants, ginger, gingko

If you are taking medication to keep your blood fluid, like Warfarin and aspirin please go and see your doctor , if you are taking Nuroffen, Bruffen , all non steroidal tablets like Indocid, Voltaren you can take Panadol or Panadeine ( as long as you are not allergic to codeine ) instead.

Arnica should be taken to minimise bruising and antihistamines to minimise swelling and for people who suffer from allergies and hayfever, at least 2 or 3 days before the procedure.

All clients suffering from cold sores who wish to have their lips tattooed , should visit their doctor and get a prescription for VALTREX and start taking the tablets no later than the day of the procedure.

We do not tattoo pregnant women, pregnancy is not an illness, so you have to wait until after the birth of the baby.

On the day of the treatment, You can come with your make up on, also bring your pencils ( brows , lips) and eyeliner. You may wish to have your brows waxed a few days before, and or tinted, as well as have your eyelashes tinted. Do not wear contact lenses if you are having an eyeliner procedure, bring a pair of glasses with you. Sunglasses can be useful to wear after an eyebrow and an eyeliner procedure, as well as a fringe!


You must be at least 18 years of age to have a cosmetic tattooing procedure, or you must come with a parent who will have to sign a discharge on your behalf.