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Laser Tattoo Removal

A recent survey conducted in the UK found that one quarter of people who had a tattoo regretted it one month later! Also, age seems to play a big role in tattoo removal. Many lack the foresight when getting a tattoo at an early age, especially when it is in an obvious place.

There are many different combinations of reasons why people are making the important decision to remove tattoos.

Remove tattoos if you regret them!

If you are finally starting to regret putting designs, strange animals, people’s names on your body. Tattoos can be a unique act of self expression, a way to remember a deceased friend or member of the family, a sign of your love for a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mum, dad or child, or pet.

What happens when the pleasant memories are gone? What do you do when those strange animals or designs are no longer appealing?

Remove tattoos to advance your career

Chances are your new boss and co-workers are not accepting of your body art. A good way to advance your career is to remove tattoos that are impossible to cover up. It is hard for some people to even find a job because of visible tattoos. At some point your employer will notice them, especially when the weather is warm outside, we like to be able to wear sleeveless tops, shorts, skirts, sandals . Bosses will look down on you if you have tattoos.Tattoos can be intimidating, they can give off a rebellious, dangerous, prison vibe to potential employers.

Remove tattoos done by non professionals

Just because tattoo artists have a shop and a licence to do tattoos, does not guarantee their tattoos will turn out beautiful or perfect.People remove tattoos that were not done professionally. Everybody makes mistakes , homemade tattoos are a prime example.

Remove tattoos to start over

Some people remove tattoos or lighten them simply to create a blank canvas on which to start over . Maybe this time they will be more careful when considering what kind of art they put on their bodies.