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Post Care

After the treatment you may experience some redness, swelling , scabbing, sometimes blistering. This is a normal process as the body works to eliminate the tattoo inks. Throughout the treatments new layers of skin grow and the old tattoo is pushed towards the surface. Internally fragmented pigment is removed by scavenger cells. A scab will be formed, fall off, leaving fresh new skin with not tattoo.

It is rare for the skin to become infected because the surface of the skin is not usually broken

It is also rare to scar as the laser is only in contact with the skin for only billionths of a second and there is not enough time for a significant build up of heat in the skin.

After care :

Following the treatment the skin should be cooled.

Apply Bepanthen cream to the area.

Apply  a non stick dressing and this should be left on the skin until the next day.

Avoid excessive heat in the skin ( exercise, hot bath, shower, sauna for the next 24-48 hours).

Do not expose the skin to the sun or sun beds.

When in the sun after 48 hours, use a SPF 30  sun block.

Do not pick or scratch.

Avoid injury to the treated area.

If you don’t develop any crusting, remove the bandage 24 hours after each treatment.
The area may feel slightly sunburned for a couple of days and cold packs can be applied as needed for comfort. The treated area may remain red and puffy for up to a few weeks.

It is common to  develop an itching sensation in the treated area even weeks after the treatment.

If applying bepanthen cream does not decrease the itch, you can apply 1% hydrocortisone cream.

In case of :

Blisters, do not puncture them. Let them reabsorb or break on their own but keep bepanthen cream and a bandage over them.

If there is crusting or oozing from the treated area, continue applying bepanthen cream after cleansing and then cover with a bandage to help keep the treated area moist.Keep the treated area moist 24 hours a day until all crusting is gone.

If you develop crusting or a scab, don’t pick at it or you may cause scarring and avoid swimming or using hot tubs until it is dry.