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‘Eyebrow tattoo and permanent makeup will give you the confidence to look your best all the time.’

Cosmetic Creations Tattooing [since 1990]

Buying is always a case of “ buyer beware ”.  Anyone can get a “cheap price”.  I will never be the cheapest, but I can guarantee to provide my clients with the BEST VALUE as I have done with thousands of delighted
clients before you.


Cosmetic tattooing is growing very quickly and more and more, attracting people lacking skills and doing mediocre work and, more and more, at Cosmetic Creations Tattooing, I am fixing other people’s mistakes. Being French, I have inherited the sense of STYLE that French people are born with.
I have a background as a beautician and make-up artist (I had my own very successful beauty salon for many years) . Cosmetic tattooing is my PASSION and I have been practicing it since 1990.

Not only do I work in  Sydney, I also travel to France regularly to do cosmetic tattooing.

Cosmetic tattooing is a very precise industry that requires knowledge of the skin, artistic ability and some medical knowledge, as well as a very steady hand and a flair for what is beautiful and what is not. Not many people possess all these attributes. On top of all this, you need a lot of practice, you need to know about mixing colours and the  proper use  of topical anaesthetic creams and gels. So beware of some of the people out there who say they do cosmetic tattooing!

A lot of cosmetic tattooists are very cheap because of lack of experience, they do not use anaesthetics so save buying them and save on time ( good luck if you are having cosmetic tattooing without anaesthetics!)

I am amazed at the amount of inquiries I get, where the only question I am asked is: “How much do you charge for eyebrows, lips, or eyes?”

Now, just think for one minute. We are talking about YOUR FACE. IT IS ABOUT TATTOOING THE RIGHT SHAPE , IN THE RIGHT PLACE , IN THE RIGHT COLOUR!

Many cosmetic tattooists do a lot of other treatments as  well, therefore do not do many cosmetic tattooing treatments.  The only thing I do is cosmetic tattooing.  Nothing else!

Wouldn’t you want to get the best person for the job?

What happens if you are not happy with the end result, or if mistakes have been made and are going to be obvious to you and everybody else for a very long time?

You are going to spend a long time and a lot of money getting someone else (me) fixing it up!  Just think how miserable you will be and how much money you will have spent altogether, all because you only wanted to pay for “a cheap job.

A cheap job will become a very expensive job!
Most people know that the initial cost will be easily forgotten when you will be so very happy for years to come. I have no problem with other people charging very little.  They know what their work is worth.


*I am able to show you proof of my learning since 1990 and 1991, with Cosmetic Tattoo Australia (Val Glover- Hovan) and  my commitment to education from then until now.  I travel the world regularly and learn and network with the best in this industry.

*I am able to show you photos of my work so you can see how great your cosmetic tattoo will look.
Cosmetic tattooists in Australia are not allowed to give injections whether they work in a clinic or not (even if a doctor is in the other room).  A doctor, a nurse trained in anaesthetics ,or a dentist (for lips) should do it.You can see some of my work by clicking on the tab : “before and after pics” or go to my only Facebook page called: Cosmetic Creations ( cosmetic tattooing artistry)

there is a Cosmetic Creations in Townsville and in Queanbeyan they have NOTHING to do with me! Also someone opened a new Facebook page called Cosmetic Creations by Michele Curran tattoos and piercing ( this is not me either, but fraud)

* I use the best Topical  anaesthetics which make the treatment almost painless!

*I have a large range of colours to choose from and not just a handful – from pale to dark, bright to subtle.  I can also mix a colour for you, to satisfy your choice.

*Before any cosmetic treatment, you will have a full consultation with me, not just a few minutes, but a thorough consultation and I will take photos of you before and immediately after the final tattoo.

*I will consult with you about the shape of the tattoo you would like.  I will draw it for you and I will not start the tattoo unless you agree and accept the design.  The same goes for the choice of colour.

*I will use pre-packed and sterilised needles and machine parts which I will dispose of at the end of the treatment, as well as any left over pigment.

* I use the best and most effective local anaesthetics that I source from around the world.

*At the end of the treatment, I will inform and show you how to look after your tattoo and give you an after care form, explaining how to take care of your tattoo at home.

Nowadays pigments are manufactured in the USA or in Europe and are regulated by the local health authorities, and I only buy products from the most reputable companies.

Bear in mind, though, that there is always a possibility of an allergy, not only to the pigment, but to the gloves, the needles or the local topical anaesthetics.  Allergies are rare, in the range of 1 person every 200,000.00 but they do exist.

I have been practicing as a cosmetic tattooist since 1990 and I work in Sydney. Apart from word of mouth, beauticians and doctors send me work.

If you would like to ring some of them, just ask me and I will supply you with their name and phone numbers.  These people would not send me work and risk losing their clients if they did not think I could do a good job.

And If you have any questions you want to ask me do not hesitate to e-mail me on or ring me on: 0419 432 254.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon and doing a cosmetic tattoo for you that you will be happy with and proud of.  Then you will realize you did the right thing by choosing me!